About Us

Founded in 1977, nQativ is a software development firm serving the accounting community. Through all of the prevailing IT architectures, changes in accounting standards, and ever-increasing governmental reporting requirements, we remain committed to our clients’ needs by providing rock-solid software and world-class support.

nQativ is the developer of ActivityHD, a flexible and comprehensive ERP system for the sophisticated accounting department to manage the enterprise. ActivityHD consists of ActivGL, ActivAP, ActivPO, ActivAR, ActivBR, ActivPR/HR, ActivSS, and ActivFA.

Using the technology developed for ActivityHD, nQativ created ActivReporter. ActivReporter is a reporting and data analysis solution for the Microsoft Dynamics GP community. It provides Excel-based financial reporting capabilities with a responsive, on-screen Trial Balance for an incredible view into general ledger data that is not possible with other reporting tools.

A Family of Technology Companies

nQativ is one of four companies owned by CoNetrix, LLC. CoNetrix is known for innovative solutions and excellent quality. The other companies are CoNetrix Technology, CoNetrix Security, and Tandem Software.

Meet the Team

Our team values integrity, wisdom, ambition, and team spirit. These core values carry over into our products and customer service.

Interested in a Career with nQativ?

If you have a passion for innovation and want to help build accounting solutions, please contact us.